Role of Community

We as a community must be involved for effective waste management to be carried out. Our activities include inspection of premises, health educating the public on the best method of waste disposal and the effects of indiscriminate dumping of refuse, monitoring, close observation, to detect and abate nuisance related to waste etc.

Services We Offer

In order to ensure proper waste management and effective community participation, the following are necessary.

  • The community members should be health educated on the importance of proper waste management.
  • Incentives should be given to participating community members as a means of encouragement.
  • Seminars and training should be organized for community members on waste management.
  • Weekly and monthly environmental sanitation should be practiced.
  • Resources and financial allocations should be made available to the community.
  • There should be provision of waste collection facilities in strategic positions.
  • Public health laws should be strictly enforced by environmental health officers.